The Surrender of a Mother

One of the most amazing mothers in Scripture is Hannah, the mother of Samuel.  She had prayed for years for God to bless her with a son.  After years of praying and being tormented by her husband’s other wife, who was able to have children, she made a vow to God that if she could have a son he would be given to God.  God miraculously gave her a child and when he had been weaned, she brought him to the temple and left him there to be raised by Eli, the High Priest.  That which she had been praying for she gave up and left as a gift to God.  Samuel became a great prophet who God used during a difficult time for the people of Israel.

God does not ask us to bring our children and leave them in the same literal way (I have enough children, thank you), but we are to dedicate them for God’s use in much the same way.  Children are a gift from the Lord, so being a mother is a gift from the Lord.  He entrusts mothers with children for a time.  With it comes the responsibility to raise children to love the Lord.  We may not be asked to literally take our children to the temple and walk away but we are to lay them at the feet of Jesus every single day.  

Being a mother is a difficult yet rewarding journey.  Pray for your children and raise them to be used by the Lord in special ways.  Lay them at the feet of Jesus every day as those who God has entrusted with you for just a short time.  And may they someday raise up like the children of the mother in Proverbs 31 and call you “blessed.”


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