A Prayer for Back-to-School

Our Father,

I humbly come before you our Creator and source of Truth.  You alone give wisdom and understanding so we submit ourselves and our children before you and are asking for your wisdom to be upon us.  You have placed the desire to learn inside us as we strive to live in the world around us.  We ask for understanding of your Word so we can build upon your Truth.

As we send our children back to school, we pray for your hand to be upon them.  Place them in situations with great Christian influencers around them who will point them to you.  Help them find good Christian friends, as you gave Daniel, in whom they can stand firm together in the faith.  Help them be positive influences upon those who do not know you and not allow the negative pressures to cause them to make poor choices.  Help them to become strong readers so they can understand your Word. Give them great understanding of math and science so they can see your hand around us.  Protect them from the teachings of secular humanism that take you out of the equation.  May our children find you and your truth in all they learn.

Protect our children from the evils around them.  Our world continues to spin out of control with violence finding its way into the schools of our nation.  Give our schools your supernatural protection.  May any malicious plans be seen before they are enacted.  Protect the hearts of our children from the growing effects of the sexual revolution.  

We also lift up the Christian educators who have influence on our children.  Give them boldness to stand for you.  Let them shine as a bright light in the midst of darkness.  Give them wisdom that can be passed to our children. Give them discernment to see the needs of our children and to know when they need to provide encouragement or discipline.  Raise up Christian school board members and administrators who will protect the rights of the educators and allow the influence of the Church to be upon our children.  May your presence be manifested through the lives of the adults who have an important hand in raising our children.

Thank you for the grace that was demonstrated on the cross for us.  Thank you for your Spirit who empowers us. 

It is in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord that we pray these things.



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