Great Start!

What a great start to our outreach for Engage Bartlesville.  Our first of six outreach events leading up to our kickoff is complete. Thank you to everyone who took the leap of faith and went out for door to door outreach.  You exceeded my expectations in every respect.  Twenty-one adults and a few children went and knocked on over 200 homes and had several great conversations.  We had a few of those dreaded homes that did not want us there but for the most part we found people willing to hear about the Pumpkin Patch and the Engage Bartlesville worship service.   Several shared prayer requests and we even had some who asked for a reminder to be sent to them before the events.  The only negative on the night was that I did not assign big enough areas to cover so we were done pretty quick.  That is easily fixed.  But overall it was a great start.  I know God will bless our efforts.

This Sunday evening will be our first block party.  We will meet at the church at 5:00 and head to Rolling Hills Apartments on Nowata Rd. We will have a bounce house, yard games, and give away popcorn, cotton candy and water.  This is more than just an opportunity to let people have fun.  It is an opportunity for us to visit with the people of the apartment complex and get to know them.  It is through relationship that the Gospel is heard the clearest.  It is my prayer that through these relationships we will see people comfortable enough to attend and have their lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus.  Come be a part of this great outreach event.  Your presence is important.

Not only will it be of help for you to join in these outreach opportunities, but we need people to start stepping up to volunteer for our Sunday evening Engage Bartlesville worship services which begin September 29.  Our push right now is for people to take a rotation on cooking the meal which will be provided following our service starting around 5:00.  If you would like to take a week please talk with my wife, Tara.  We also need greeters and security people every evening.  It is our desire to have enough greeters that we have people helping in the parking lots and even standing at the street with signs welcoming people as they arrive.  We will be using an electronic check-in system for children and preschool children. We will need people helping that process.  Talk to Chantel Gray if those areas interest you.  Ryan Forrest is working on building the worship team including musicians and A/V people.  If that is something that interests, you please let him know.

Most importantly we need people praying.  The enemy does not like us getting outside the walls of our building and engaging the people within our community.  He is attacking us on many fronts.  These issues are not physical, they are spiritual.  Spiritual battles must be fought spiritually.  Please pray earnestly to our God for his protection on us as we run toward the gates of hell with the Gospel.  We had a great start but let us press on and run the race with endurance.  It surely is a marathon and not a sprint.


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