Engage Bartlesville Update

After the first couple of weeks of offering our Engage Bartlesville worship service on Sunday afternoons a family started attending who have become regulars.  They have three children three and under.  The oldest was having health issues and was hospitalized just a couple of weeks after their first visit.  Because of the extended hospital stay the mother lost her job and the father was already unemployed.  Through the love of our volunteers we saw them return week after week with a smile on their face through a very difficult trial in their life.  They came into the office during the week to use the internet to search for jobs.  We helped them get through the holidays with food and Christmas gifts.  They continued to come and worship with us with joy on their hearts.  This last week we learned that the father found fulltime employment and had worked every day the week before.  They found medicine to help their son and were moving into a new apartment.  The weight is starting to be lifted from this young mother because of your faithfulness to minister in the name of Jesus.

As we work to continue to impact brokenness and the unchurched in our community, we will continue to have opportunities to impact the lives of those going through hard times.  Together we have the necessary tools to show them the light of Christ and the hope that is found in the Gospel.  I want to thank the many volunteers that make Engage Bartlesville possible.  From greeters to cooks, all are important.  Come and worship with us on Sunday afternoon.  Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to come worship and eat with us.  It is a great way to get people through the doors of the church for the first time.  Pray for the opportunity to touch more families at just the perfect time in their lives.  God is faithful.


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