Recognizing God’s Voice

When I was in college, I took part in a program where we committed to witnessing to 60 people in 60 days. The first seven to ten days were pretty easy to find someone to share the gospel.  After that point I had to start getting creative to find places I could go to find someone willing to listen.  One evening while driving back to campus it was getting late and I had not witnessed to anyone.  I prayed to God to lead me to someone.  I felt led to take the next exit and drive into a gas station.  I pulled into the gas station and realized it was closed and there was not anyone in the parking lot.  In fact, there was not anyone around that area outside of their car.  I drove back onto the interstate wondering how I missed what God was asking me to do.

Do you have difficulty knowing God’s will for your life?  Do you recognize His voice when he calls?  Most of us struggle in this area.  If you would like to know God intimately, to recognize His voice, and His work, then you need to come be part of Experiencing God.  You will learn to know when God is speaking to you; recognize His activity around you; adjust your life to Him and His ways; identify what He wants to do through you; and respond to His activity in your life.

These twelve weeks of Experiencing God will be intense.  There are daily studies and verses to memorize.  I am convinced that those who make the commitment and stick with it will find an intimacy with Christ that they have longed for but thought out of reach in this world.  I have seen this study completely change the way people see the world.  I challenge you to make the commitment and see what God does in your life.


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