Good News

How about a little good news going on around Eastern Heights Baptist Church?

Worship: We conservatively estimate we have been having 50% more people joining us live for worship each Sunday through the online experience than we had in an average worship service in the building.  On top of that, each service has received around 1200 views on average through Facebook.  There are a lot of people hearing the Gospel every Sunday.  The number of views directly correlates with how many are sharing the service.  After two weeks of lots of people sharing, this Sunday we had less shares and therefore fewer views.  Keep sharing and commenting.  It matters!

Good Friday Service:  We had a great service together in the parking lot for Good Friday.  What a joy it was to remember what Jesus went through for us on the cross as well as partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Giving: Eastern Heights you amaze me!!  When so many churches are feeling the squeeze financially from a scattered church, you have remained faithful to give.  We were in the black for March and have had a good start to April.  We may not quite be making budget but with expenses down we are holding our own.  Your consistency is greatly appreciated.  The Stewardship Team decided not to take the government money being offered to churches and non-profits through the stimulus package.  We trust God to use His people to meet our needs.  Remember, you can also give to certain designated accounts through the church website.

Life Groups:  Many of our Life Groups continue to meet through Zoom.  Those who are meeting are seeing higher attendance than when they met on campus.  Those who are not meeting have done a great job ministering to their class in other ways.  The only way for people to stay connected during a time like this is through the small groups.  Praise the Lord we have such strong Life Groups at Eastern Heights to help us minister to each other.

Acts of Kindness: I love hearing the stories of people finding ways to minister to each other and their neighbors.  My family delivered a small gift to many of our families with children on Saturday and Sunday.  We had a couple of homes we couldn’t find and skipped where kid’s allergies prohibited but had a fun family time getting out of the house to put a gift on people’s front porch.  We got caught on a few video doorbells.

Sickness:  We’ve had one church member in the hospital during this time.  Mike Webb lives at Bartlesville Health and Rehab.  He went to the hospital with lots of issues including struggling to breathe. He tested negative and after a couple nights in ICU was able to return home.  I may not have been able to go see him, but God placed church members in the right place at the right time to minister to him and help him through the lonely hospital stay.  God is faithful!

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call the church.  Call with your good news as well.  We all love to hear the great things God is doing in these difficult days.


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