Summer Means Ministry

Summer means vacation for most families.  The kids are out of school.  The weather is nice.  It is the best time to go see family, spend time at the lake, or travel to scenic destinations all around the world.  God has blessed us with the resources and freedom to make those happen.  We know that on any given Sunday in the summer we will have many families out of town.  We see attendance fluctuate from week to week as people come and go.  Even me and my family take time away for vacation.  We look forward in a couple of weeks camping at a state park with our children.  Go make memories and come back and share with us your stories.

Summer also means ministry.  Summer is the time of our greatest ministry impact.  VBS, camps and mission trips give us the opportunity to share Christ with the lost.  We see more lives surrendering to Christ during these events than the rest of the year combined.  At a time when we have many people gone we are the busiest.  God uses this busy season to call many to a relationship with him.  These are your ministries.  Thank you for your support.

Ministry is not free.  To make an impact amid our dark world we must have resources.  Summer is expensive and summer sees the smallest offerings.  Let me encourage you to give even when you are gone.  God asks for our first fruits, not just what we have leftover at the end of the month.  If you have not already set up automatic bill pay through your financial institution please do so or go to our website and set it up through SimpleGive.  There is also an app you can download and use.  Your faithfulness in giving keeps our ministries running smoothly during this busy time. Thank you for your support as we take the gospel of Jesus Christ to Bartlesville and the world.

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